White Pine County Public Health Officer confirmed Tuesday, March 17, that there have not been any COVID-19 cases in White Pine as of this week. 

William Bee Ririe Hospitals CEO, Matt Walker informed The Ely Times that no cases, and no testing has been authorized. 

William Bee Ririe Hospital reported that they reached out to the state lab on five patients to request the COVID-19 test, but those patients did not meet the criteria required by the state to actually be tested. The patients were treated, and they were asked to self quarantine. The rooms were terminally cleaned according to Walker as a precaution.

“We still have not had any hospitalizations from suspected covid patients and currently have to lean on the state health department for testing criteria. 

The hospital is prepared and is staying current with ever changing guidelines. “We are also working on getting a hotline together,” Walker said.

A committee of local leaders met on Monday, March 16, regarding COVID-19 to form a committee called the Committee on Emergency Management. The committee will continue to meet weekly and provide the community with weekly updates. 

Directives from federal and state health organizations are being followed by White Pine County.    

The Senior Center will not be allowing patrons to enter the center to eat lunch or engage in the usual activities. A drive-through was set up on Tuesday that allowed patrons to pick up a sack lunch. Home-bound meals are still being delivered. For additional information contact Chris Ricci at 775-289-2742. 

The White Pine County School District has implemented changes to allow students to continue their education at home and will still be able to receive school meals with minimal impact on summer vacation.  

Ridley’s, Family Dollar and Anderson’s Food Town grocery stores have had limited quantities of grocery items since last Sunday. Delivery trucks have been coming in, but shelves are being cleared as quickly as they are being restocked. Milk, eggs and other grocery items have been limited to one or two per person. 

If you may be exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms contact the William Bee Ririe Hospital at 775-289-3612 or the Rural Health Clinic at 775-289-4040 to answer some questions to help determine the presence of the virus.