On Wednesday, May 4, regular city delivery carrier Chrissy Smith was out on her route. She came upon some money blowing around in the street. Chrissy quickly started gathering what she could of the $20 dollar bills. She also picked up a white paper in the area hat she thought could be part of the money. 

A nearby man cleaning his car approached her and asked “what are you going to do with all that money?” her answer, I am taking it to the Post Office and quickly contacted the Postmaster Natalie Boren. Chrissy told me her story and I suggested to run by the bank that was near where the money was found and see if anyone was looking for it, and if not we would turn it into the local police state.

The bank tellers stated that an elder gentleman was in telling his story and checked to see if anyone had urned it in and that he was more worried about the tax paper he lost (white paper).

Chrissy wasn’t able to find all of the $300 or so, but she did pick up $280 blowing around. The bank tellers were all very thankful.

Chrissy Smith was recognized in front of her peers and awarded by her Postmaster Natalie Boren a token of appreciation and a gift car for being honest and doing the right thing.