The following declaration has been issued for Eureka:

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WHEREAS, the Eureka County Emergency Management Council has been meeting regularly to monitor status of COVID-1S (Coronavirus) in order to respond rapidly and effectively in determining the best course of action to protect the citizens of Eureka County and the employees of Eureka County; and

WHEREAS, the Eureka County Emergency Management Council has formally recommended that the Board of County Commissioners join the Council to declare a State of Emergency in Eureka County due to COVID-19; and

WHEREAS, COVID-19 is rapidly spreading, rising to the level of a pandemic as declared by the World Health Organization on March 11 , 2020, and causing Governor Sisolak to declare a State of Emergency in the State of Nevada on March 13, 2020; and

WHEREAS, COVID-19 poses an imminent threat to public health and safety in Eureka County;

NOW, THEREFORE, the Eureka County Emergency Management Council and the Board of Eureka County Commissioners do order and declare a State of Emergency within Eureka County, and do hereby order the following, effective 5:00 p.m. on Fridav, March 27. 2020. throuqh midniqht on April ‘16,2020 , unless otherwise ordered (subject to further restrictions if so ordered by the Governor of the State of Nevada).

Concerning Eureka County Offices & Employees: All Eureka County offices, other than essential life services, will be closed and all Eureka County employees will be sent home on administrative leave with pay. Offices and departments that provide essential life services will continue to operate with work conducted through electronic means whenever possible or by on- call means if appropriate.

Each Eureka County office shall post a Notice with a phone number and an email where persons may contact the elected official, department head, or designated employee to conduct necessary and essential business, by electronic means if possible, or by appointment if the matter is urgent. All nonessential business is suspended for the designated period of time.

Eureka County employees shall remain on-call, and be subject to call, during their regularly scheduled working hours (or alternate hours assigned by a supervisor to accommodate this Stateof Emergency). Employees must adhere to all personnel policies applicable during regular workhours. Employees will be required to submit leave requests for scheduled time off (i.e. sick leave) when they will not be available on-call.

For necessary work that cannot be completed by remote means, an employee must obtain written pre-approval from a supervisor (by email or text) for the specified assignment, with a scheduled date and time to conduct such work at the office or worksite.

Concerning the Board of County Commissioners: Meetings of the Eureka County Board of Commissioners are suspended during the designated time. The following business, normally approved during an open meeting of the Board, will proceed without formal Board action:

The Commissioners will sign top sheets for the Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Tentative Budget for submission to the Nevada Department of Taxation by April 15,2020.

Accounts payable and payroll will be processed as scheduled.

Designation of Essential Services: Following is a list of essential services that will continue to operate during the designated time. This list may be expanded as deemed prudent and necessary by the Eureka County Emergency Management Council.

— Ambulance and EMS
— Eureka Medical Clinic
— Senior Centers (in the current capacity of providing home-delivered meals)
— Sheriff’s Office
— Water and Sewer utilities (with an on-call technician)

NOW, THEREFORE, if any directive of the Emergency Management Council and the Board of County Commissioners declared herein is in conflict with a directive, order, or declaration of any federal, state, or local authority, the public is ordered to undertake the more restrictive course of action directed, ordered, or declared.

BE IT SO ORDERED this 26th day of March, 2020.