April 13, 2020

Over the many years that I have been doing the Sheriff’s Corner one of the topics that I constantly bring up is scams. Even in this time of a global pandemic, the scammers are out in full force. So once again I would like to take a few moments and go over several of the most popular scams that are taking place right now. 1. With so many individuals who are unemployed right now the opportunity to make a few bucks is very tempting. You might get an email or text message asking you to complete a survey and at the end of the survey they offer to pay you a certain amount of money. This is a scam. They will notify you that they need your bank account number so they can deposit the money you earned for taking the survey. Instead of them depositing money, you supposable earned, the scammer cleans out your bank account, leaving you broke. 2. The next one is similar, it’s the notification that you have won a prize, either a cash amount or an item. For the cash amount, the scammers again ask for your bank account number for direct deposit or if it’s a tangible prize they ask for shipping costs to send you your prize. Both of these once again are scams. You never get the prize and you are out the money you sent for shipping costs, and once again you provided your bank account number and the scammer drained your account dry. 3. Fake medical supply companies. Scammers are sending our emails like crazy claiming to have needed medical supplies such as face masks, cleaning products, and sanitizers. Do your research to make sure that the company is legitimate before ordering. These are just a few of the scams going on right now and I know I could list five or six more. Once again if you ever have a question about an email, text message or phone call you receive that appears too good to be true, you can always contact the Sheriff’s Office and we will advise you if it’s a scam or not. Take care of yourselves and your finances, don’t let that scammer make you his next victim.