Dear Editor,

The County Commission needs to halt any and all construction contemplated for the proposed new courthouse and jail expansion for six months or a year. The Coronovirus-19 concern needs to be eliminated first. The economy is rocky at best—that includes city, county, State and Federal. Revenues-taxes are not going to be coming in as usual. On a recent Reno T.V. telecast the City of Lake Tahoe is telling potential visitors to stay home–especially those from California. Lake Tahoe officials stated they have a small hospital and they fear that they may be overwhelmed by those fleeing California in particular. The County needs to use caution, they may be bringing in construction workers that may be coming from infected areas. We have a small hospital and we are 250 miles from any major city–all of which have cases of the virus. With our casino’s restaurants, bars, and other businesses closed let alone the employees who have lost their jobs–we need to wait. We need to wait until everyone can take advantage of the proposed building period and put ALL our local businesses and people back to work.

Thank you,
George Chachas