White Pine County Office of Public Health

The Office of Public Health is updating the community the status of the first confirmed positive and the two presumptive positives of COVID-19 in White Pine County.
To recap, they are all members of the same household. The first laboratory-confirmed positive case in White Pine County, the infant, was retested recently and is still positive. The parents were not tested in the beginning as they were both presumptive positives. They were recently tested for clearance from the disease and quarantine, but unfortunately, they are still positive, now laboratory-confirmed. They are all reported to be well. Quarantine for them will be extended.
The cases of COVID-19 in White Pine County are still associated with travel outside the county. Governor Steve Sisolak issued a travel advisory for the State of Nevada on March 31, urging visitors or returning Nevadans to self-quarantine and monitor their health for 14 days after arriving or returning to Nevada to help contain the spread of COVID-19. The same level of precaution is encouraged for those coming or returning from endemic counties such as Clark and Washoe.
In order to prevent COVID-19 from being community acquired, meaning being spread between fellow residents of White Pine County, it is important to
1) minimize new cases from being introduced from outside the county by limiting travel, 2) adhere to hygiene, social distancing, and other preventive measures,
3) strictly follow quarantine orders, and
4) call the hospital or the clinic when planning to visit if:
a. you have symptoms of COVID-19
b. you are or have been positive for the COVID-19 test
c. you are under investigation for COVID-19
d. you are under quarantine and seeking medical attention
If you have symptoms that resemble COVID-19, such as dry cough, fever, shortness of breath and would like to assess your risk of having COVID-19, you may call the regional
hotline 775-777-2507. You may also text or email COVID19@elkocountynv.net The phone number for our local COVID-19 information is 866-800-1262.