Eureka County sent a letter to employees telling them to physically report back to work on Monday.
The “interim work plan” follows:

During a meeting April 29,2020, the Board considered the most current and up to date recommendations from Eureka County’s Emergency Management Council, the Eureka County Board of Health, and State and Federal offices, regarding how to proceed in a reasonable and step by step manner to retum everyone back to normal working conditions while keeping everyone safe and healthy.
After careful consideration and deliberation, the Board insists all employees ofEureka County, and all elected and appointed officials ofEureka County, abide by and carefully follow all of the requirements listed here. As the situation changes, these requirements will change.
For now, these are the best available requirements to ensure the health and safety of everyone while we take a step back to normal work conditions, and we expect all of you to diligently work to abide by these requirements and carry them out.
Every person now working for Eureka County in any capacity shall follow these requirements until further direction from the Board:
I .Employees shall report for work and retum to their regular and usual place of employment and no longer work from home beginning Monday, May 4,2020. Employees are encouraged to not report for work if they are ill. All requirements for the use of sick and annual leave remain in place, with the addition of the Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act (EFMLEA) and Emergency Paid Sick Leave (EPSL).
Employees are reminded to cover their mouths while coughing or sneezing, and to frequently wash their hands. Ifa washroom is unavailable the use of hand sanitizer is strongly encouraged. Hand sanitizer will be provided to each office. Masks and gloves will be provided to each employee upon request. Employees are encouraged to routinely apply surface disinfectant or aerosol disinfectant to counters and surfaces touched by persons, but may not use or spray such disinfectants on any person.
Employees shall keep and maintain the exterior doors to all public buildings closed and locked. Interior entry doors to all offices shall remain closed. Even an employee momentarily absent from their office shall ensure exterior doors remain locked.
All offices shall arrange to post in a conspicuous place on the exterior doors in an area easily accessible to the public, information about how to contact each office, and access by members of the public to the interior of public buildings shall be by appointment only, and limited to one customer transaction at a time. The customer will be escorted by an employee in and out of the public building. If more than one person is required for a customer transaction the minimum number of persons needed for the transaction may enter and leave at the same time. All employees are encouraged to conduct business by phone and email whenever possible.
5. Employees shall not congregate in the interior of any public buildings, or visit with other offrces, when the required business to be conducted may be accomplished by phone, email, or dropping paperwork off at the other office.
6. Employees shall make every effon to remain at least six (6) feet away at all times from each other and any members of the public, and only when absolutely necessary should this social distancing not be observed.
7. Any interpretation or modification of these rules may be requested by emailing the Emergency Management Director, Comptroller, and County Commission Chair. Their email addresses appear at the bottom of this letter. Only email requests sent to all three persons will be considered. If change is warranted, all employees will be notified in writing as soon as possible.
If every person follows these common sense requirements everyone benefits. The Board expects you to do so.
County Board of Commissioners
Interpretation or modification of these requirements may be requested in writing by emailing all three persons listed here:
Emergency Management Director:
Ron Damele – Comptroller:
Kim Todd –
County Commission Chair:
J.J. Goicoechea –