A  State of Nevada Parole and Probation officer, Joshua Miller, was arrested on April 20 on several felony charges by the Nevada Department of Investigations. 
Miller is Vice Chairman of the McGill Town Council Board. The criminal complaint from the State Attorney Generals office named Miller as the defendant for the crimes of attempt sexual assault, asking or receiving a bribe by a public officer and misconduct of a public officer, all felony counts.  
The complaint details that on or about April 14, Miller attempted to sexually assault.  Miller used his position of authority on more than one occasion, the complaint says, to oppress and extort a victim who was on probation by asking her to engage in sex with him in exchange for her freedom.  When the victim denied the demand, Miller arrested her for violating her probation.  

Based on statements and evidence recovered in regards to the case, Miller was taken into custody.  
Miller joined the Department in March of 2017. It is unknown at this time if Miller is currently employed with Parole and Probation or if he is on administrative leave.  According to Parole and Probations Public Information Officer, Kim Smith, due to this matter being an ongoing and open investigation, the department will not be providing further information
Miller resides in McGill where he is currently serving as Vice Chairman of the McGill Town Council Board.  The White Pine County Commission appointed Miller to the board  in August of last year.  
Roxanne Ballandby, Chairwoman for the McGill Town Council declined to comment regarding Miller’s current seat. 
A preliminary hearing has been set for July 28, 2020.