By Katie Gianoliz-Rozich

Management of The First National Bank of Ely would like to thank our employees for their dedication, loyalty and strength during the COVID-19 pandemic.  They are considered“essential” employees and believe us when we say that classification resonates far beyond the government’s definition. While the lobby was closed our employees hustled in and out of the building “car hoping” to ensure we could still provide excellent customer service, they completed sidelined projects, answered questions and eased concerns.  We thankfully watched as they continued to support each other, our customers, the bank, and our community.  Many challenges were successfully facedin very unusual circumstances. We are proud and grateful they work for FNB!  Please join us in thanking Kim Stevenson, Kacey Donahue, Echo Marich, Gina Newton, Eric Lawrence, Tawnya Henriod, Angie Ware, James Linney and Hailey Ernest.

As most of you have heard there was a large program administered by the SBA called the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).  Part of this program included fees paid to lenders to originate loans to qualified borrowers.  FNB participated in this program and, as such, earned a fee.  Although this fee provided incentives to get lenders involved,our primary goal was to help local businesses and non-profit organizations.  We are incredibly grateful to our staff and the resilience they have demonstrated during this unsettling time and as such feel that a portion of the proceeds should rightfully go to them as a BIG thank you for all they do!

We also recognize the strain this pandemic has caused for non-profit organizations and the graduating class of 2020, therefore,we are happy to announce we will be granting donations to the following:

Twenty Class of 2020 students completed applications for the Albert C. and Barbara C. Gianoli scholarship.  Our hearts go out to these seniors as the last months of their high school career have been forever altered.  As such, we have awarded each one a $1,000 scholarship with our best wishes for a very bright future! Congratulations to Sophia Maestes, Jessie Leyba, Sabre Westlund, Maren Barney, Ezekiel Vinson, EmalinneSorenson, Gavin Henriod, Andrea Overson, Mandy Van Tassell, Claire Dishong, Zaley Lister, Jace Maynard, Maleana McKnight, Mallory Moore, Madison Hendrickson, Allison Thompson, Jayden Brewer, Rachael Jones, Sage Dutson and Gabriel Cogley.

$10,000 to the Nevada Northern Railroad Foundation and $10,000 to Great Basin National Park Foundation.  These folks work tirelessly to preserve our history and bring tourism to White Pine County.  We appreciate all they do and are looking forward to the day visitors can safely return!

$10,000 to Montie Liebsack.  Montie’s dedication to the animals in our community is inspiring.  We appreciate that she speaks for the creatures who cannot speak for themselves.  Thank you so much for your selfless support and love of all animals.  Keep up the good work!

$10,000 to the Committee Against Child Hunger (CACH) program.  What could be more significant than feeding children who are hungry?  This organization, which was lovingly startedby Margaret Bath, lives on today through many dedicated volunteers.  We are incredibly proud of the work you do for the children of White Pine County.

White Pine County is an amazing place to call home, when the going gets tough we stand together.  Thank you for the support you have shown us and this lovely place we all call home!