The thunder of horse hoofs and parimutuel ticket in hand will have to wait until next year.

The White Pine Horse Race committee has decided to postpone the races until 2021, citing health concerns due to the COVID pandemic.

Another hit to the economy in White Pine with several summertime events being canceled.  Arts in the Park,  Silver State Classic Challenge, and now the horse races.

Chairwoman of the Horse Race Committee, Marietta Henry said the decision was very difficult, but the concerns of COVID-19 left the committee no choice but to postpone the event til 2021.

“Since we have restrictions on mass gatherings at social events, this restriction puts our annual event in jeopardy of being financially successful and safe.  We must protect our citizens and the reserve funding we have, so we may have horse racing in White Pine in the years to come. “ Henry said.

This would have been the 86th year of the Horse Races in White Pine County.  An event that brought tourists in from all over the United States and a boost to economy with hotels occupied, restaurants busy, and gaming plentiful.

The postponement was announced on social media as well, and several comments spoke of their continued frustration while others were not surprised. Karen Lani Cazier commented, “sad all our summer and fall events are gone too, but not unexpected.” Others spoke about the virus being political.  “This virus has a 98.9 survival rate, pure political and lack of knowledge,” Robert Tweedy commented.

Henry explained in the letter, how many of the volunteers have expressed grave concerns about working under the current health conditions necessary to operate this event.

“We appreciate your support and understanding during this challenging time. Please join us next year for a spectacular year of horse racing in White Pine County in 2021.”