A 100 year birthday party should be guests, birthday cake, and standing around sharing stories from years past, but not in 2020, not during the pandemic of COVID-19. 

Bob Marcum, native resident will be celebrating his 100th birthday this Saturday with a drive by celebration.
Since COVID-19 hit earlier this year, it has changed the way people have celebrated birthdays, baby showers and weddings in some cases.
Bob Sr’s son, Bob Marcum Jr. coordinated a drive by celebration to be held at the White Pine Care Center beginning at 2pm, Saturday, August 29, 2020.  People are encouraged to drive through the parking lot, and Marcum will be able to wave and see the parade as it commences.  Cards can be placed in a dropbox as you drive by.
Marcum is a well known figure in White Pine County, he has lived here for  40 years. A long term member of the Ely Lions Club, and former exalted ruler with the Elks Lodge.
Born in Greenville, Ohio, in1920, the family moved in the 1930’s during the Great Depression to San Luis Obispo, California.  Marcum had three brothers, Buster, Jim and Richard, he was the oldest, and has survived all of them.
Marcum’s son Bob, Jr. noted that his father had a couple of nicknames growing up,  one of them was skinny, the other one, was “Cooney”. This nickname came about after Marcum acquired a raccoon for a pet.  He would ride on the back of his bicycle with him on his paper routes.
Bob Marcum Sr. joined the Merchant Marines in 1941 after Pearl Harbor, where he went to Australia, and from there to New Guinea, to assist in supplying the Australian troops with needed supplies.
Shortly after that he joined the army air corp and in the army air corp he became a nose gunner, on a B24 Liberator in World War II.  He ended up in Europe where he flew over 26 successful missions, even earning himself a Purple Heart.
Marcum went on to college after returning to the states.  He graduated with a Bachelors Degress from Cal Pali San Luis Abispo in electrical engineering.  He worked for Hughes Aircraft and retired after 30 years in executive management.
Marcum and his family moved to White Pine County, and he worked for Sportsworld for over 15 years.  An avid sportsmen, he was very involved in several sportsman’s clubs, and even writing weather reports for the entire State of Nevada.  Marcum looks forward to his 100th celebration this Saturday.