Citing the invaluable contributions American Indians in Nevada and nationwide have made to the United States, Gov. Steve Sisolak has proclaimed Sept. 25, 2020, Native American Day in Nevada.

“Nevada has been shaped by the culture and history of its Indigenous people,” Gov. Sisolak said. “We have benefited greatly from those contributions, and I am pleased to be able to honor the Native American Community in Nevada by declaring Sept. 25 to be Native American Day in Nevada.”


“For our Native American communities, this day is an opportunity to reflect on our past and recognize the tremendous sacrifice our ancestors made for us,” Stacey Montooth, Nevada Indian Commission executive director, said. “Because we are a culture that reveres its elders, Native American Day is an ideal time to recognize the numerous contributions these pillars of our society continue to add to our beautiful traditions.”


Nevadans are encouraged to learn about the four Great Basin Native American tribes that were the first peoples of the Silver State: the Washoe, the Northern Paiute, the Southern Paiute and the Western Shoshone. Together, they encompass Nevada’s 27 tribes, bands and colonies, each with its own unique traditions and identities.