It was a wonderful surprise to re-turn home from work last week to a stack of hand crafted cards, and a package of cookies sitting at our front door.

What was the occasion?

David E. Norman Elementary stu- dents wanted to thank their neigh- bors who live near the school.

About 400 students attend DEN, and with the new COVID-19 mea- sures, it makes the school an even busier location when it comes to drop off and pick up of students.

The the school schedule remained the same, but bus schedules were alternated. Students who lived less than one mile from the school no longer had the bus as a transporta- tion issue, which means more cars, parked around the neighborhood, And more students walking to school.

The cards were crafted by all grade levels, in an effort to show their ap- preciation for the community, and a thank you for being good neighbors. Fifth grade teacher at DEN Jennifer Young said, “Way to go! My class was excited to make special cards for our neighbors” Shane Bybee said, “Although we were sad to have missed seeing the kids we were so pleased to read the beautiful cards and enjoy our cookies.”  Bybee has lived across the street from David E. Norman Elementary for almost 50 years. “It’s my favorite thing about our neighborhood,” he said. “The sounds of the school light up our home, and make us happy every day. Thank you so much for thinking of us, and give a yell across the street if we can help in any way.”

Plans to surprise other residents in the neighborhood are already in the works.