On the morning of October 7, 2020 the Nevada Highway Patrol alerted the White Pine County Sheriff’s Office of a reckless driver near Wells, NV.  They reported attempting to stop the vehicle, but had been unable due to the high speeds.  The vehicle was last seen traveling southbound on US 93. 

            At approximately 10:30 am, the vehicle was observed on US 93, southbound, just north of McGill.  The vehicle, a white Infinity, was traveling well in excess of 150 mph, passing vehicles in no passing zones, passing on the right side, and forcing some vehicles off of the road.

            A short time later, a deputy was notified by a passerby that a white car parked at a local gas station had run them off of the road between Ely and McGill.  The deputy saw a male subject fueling a car at the Texaco 66 located at 1490 East Aultman St.  The white car matched the description of the reckless driver.  When the deputy drove toward the vehicle, the male subject got into the car and backed up in an attempt to flee.  As he did, he struck a black car behind him that was being refueled.  The driver continued to back and turned, and striking a red SUV that was parked and occupied in front of the convenience store.  The deputy used his vehicle to pin the white car against the side of the red SUV, as the driver of the white car accelerated in an attempt to push his way free. 

            The driver of the vehicle was later identified as 26 year old Jose Ruiz, of Phoenix, AZ.  Ruiz was directed out of the vehicle at gunpoint and arrested.  He was booked into the White Pine County Jail for several felonies, including reckless driving, battery with a deadly weapon, and assault with a deadly weapon, with a bail of $75,000.  This incident is still under investigation, with the possibility of more charges to follow.