A silver Honda CRV, registered to missing person and Las Vegas resident, Tiffany Booth was located in Ely last week on Thursday, October 8, 248 miles north of Las Vegas.
The car was abandoned, with the license plates removed.   The family is now pleading for help to find Tiffany Booth and her boyfriend Eduardo Clemente who have been reported missing for two weeks now.
Judy Booth, Tiffany’s mother spoke with the Ely Times during a telephone interview earlier today. Judy explained that she filed a missing persons report on Monday, October 5, 2020 with Las Vegas Metro Police Department’s Missing Persons Unit after she hadn’t heard from her daughter since October 2, 2020.  Tiffany and her mother spoke practically every day Judy explained.
Tiffany moved from San Antonio, Texas approximately a year ago to live with her mother Judy, who has multiple sclerosis. Tiffany reportedly knew Eduardo for a year before they recently started dating.  They worked together for a company called Telus International in Las Vegas.  Tiffany let Eduardo move in to her mothers condo with her, in May of this year, and shortly after a few months, they began dating.  “We knew they were dating, when they finally told us, we weren’t surprised.” Judy said.
But Judy seemed to like Eduardo, and described him as a nice man, very smart, “he is like a genius”, Judy noted.  But, details of Eduardo’s side of the family seem vague. “Eduardo would tell us he was not close with his family at all.”
The last time Judy physically spoke to Tiffany and Eduardo was when they went over to Judy’s boyfriends house on September 27, 2020. “That’s the last time I seen them physically and spoke to them,” said Judy.
Judy explained that they had a webcam facing the carport where Tiffany wold park her car.  Judy said she could view the webcam from her cell phone, and when she happened to look at it on October 1, she noticed Tiffany’s car had been gone all day.  When she went to go back to view the following days, she noticed that the footage for September 29 & 30th, had been deleted.   “I think they did that so I wouldn’t be able to see when they left, but I don’t know why they would do that.”
Judy said she was just as puzzled as everyone else of Tiffany’s disappearance.
When Judy text messaged Tiffany on October 1 and October 2,  Tiffany had told her mother that they decided to take a day trip to Boulder City, and that she was feeling good, and they would be back the next day.  That was the last time Judy has been able to contact Tiffany.  Judy has made several attempts to contact Tiffany and Eduardo via their cell phones and Facebook without any success.  “Their phones go right to voicemail.”
Tiffany told her mother that she had left the cat enough food and water and they were just on a day trip.  Judy’s boyfriend went over to the condo to check on the cat on October 5, and noticed that none of Tiffany’s bathroom toiletries such as deodorant, tooth brush, or any such items were gone,  and no extra clothing was missing, “it didn’t look like she had packed for a trip,” Judy explained.
The last transaction reported on Booth’s bank card was on October 6, 2020 at a McDonal’d and Stinker’s gas station in Idaho.
October 8. 2020, Tiffany’s car was located in Ely, abandoned with the plates missing.  A search warrant was obtained for both Tiffany’s car and condo last weekend.  Las Vegas Metro are analyzing data collected.
Flyers have been displayed all over town, with a description of the two.
Tiffany is described as 35 years of age, 5’4 weighing approximately 110 pounds with brown eyes and brown hair.  Eduardo is described as a 38 year old white male with brown hair, green eyes, 6’2 and weighs approximately 385 pounds.   Tiffany is described by her mother as a very sociable and friendly person.  “She’s a happy go lucky person, willing to help anybody.”
Both are considered to possibly be in distress.  “Tiffany has asthma and anxiety, and Eduardo’s cousin told me he has anxiety as well.” Judy commented.
It is unclear where they could be traveling to, or what direction they are traveling in, as well as what type of transportation they are utilizing since Booth’s car was found abandoned.
Judy, “If there is anything I could say to Tiffany is, please let me know you are okay, I need to know you are safe.”
If you have any information on the whereabouts of Tiffany or Eduardo please contact the Las Vegas Metro Police Department’s Missing Person detail at 702-828-2907 or by email at missingpersons@lvmpd.com