The question of whether Trick or Treat the Streets was still going to take place has been a topic of conversation for several weeks now.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought cancellations to several activities and events throughout the year.  This year’s event will still take place but with several changes to the  event.
The Bristlecone Convention Center will not be open for trick or treaters due to the Governor’s directive on large gatherings or indoor and outdoor events.  Instead trick or treaters will be trick or treating at the list of local businesses who will be handing out candy.
Most businesses will have a station outside of their stores, hotels, or offices to pass out candy. Some may have children enter the business, but gloves and face masks will be worn by those who are passing out candy.
The event is scheduled for Friday, October 30, 2020 from 1pm-5pm.
Below is a list of all businesses who are participating this year:
White Pine Aquatic Center                   1111 Veterans Blvd.
McDonald’s                                             1695 Great Basin Blvd.
Ridley’s Family Market.                       1689 Great Basin Blvd.
La Quinta Inn & Suites                         1591 Great Basin Blvd
Southfork Hardware                             1201 Great Basin Blvd.
Ramada/Copper Queen                          805 Great Basin Blvd.
Bristlecone Motel.                                   700 Avenue I
Washington Federal Bank                     725 Great Basin Blvd.
Party Train Express                              1144 E. Aultman St.
Bristlecone Apartments.                      1650 Ave. F
Cruise In Auto                                       1603 Aultman St.
Desert Rose Ceramics & Crafts.         1676 Aultman St
and H&R Block
Sportsworld                                           1500 Aultman St.
Waggin’ Tails.                                       1250 Aultman St.
Nardi’s Family Restaurant                 1204 Aultman St.
Boys & Girls Club                                   8th Street (Side of Middle School)
Kandy’s Let’s Print                                766 Aultman St.
Rack’s Bar & Grill                                   753 Aultman St.
Club Rio                                                   735 Aultman St.
Steptoe Valley High School                  700 Aultman St.
Verizon Wireless                                      705 Aultman St, Suite 2
Elysium Salon                                          705 Aultman St, Suite 4
White Pine Chamber of Commerce      636 Aultman St
Bristlecone Convention Center              150 6th Street
First National Bank                                  595 Aultman St.
The CUP.                                                    566 Aultman St.
KDSS Radio Station.                                466 Aultman St.
Farmers Insurance.                                   463 Aultman St.
Creative Touch Salon                               448 Aultman St.
Garnet Mercantile/Art Bank.                 363 Aultman St.
Wilson Bates Furniture Store                 349 Aultman St.
This & That                                                 321 Aultman St.
Ms. Viv’s School of Dance.                       309 Aultman St.
Taproot.                                                       301 Aultman St.
KRM Auto Repair.                                      295 Aultman St.
JW Electric.                                                    90 Aultman St.
Experience Escapes                                    409 Murry St.
The following businesses will be located outside the White Pine County Library weather permitting at 950 Campton:
White Pine County Library
White Pine County Sheriff’s Office
Nevada Bank & Trust
Robinson Nevada Mining Co.
Greater Nevada Credit Union.
Hotel Nevada Gambling Hall
Mt. Wheeler Power
If you would like to be added to the list, please contact Wayne Cameron at the White Pine Chamber of Commerce at 775-289-8877