Mark Anthony Mays, cherished father, caring grandfather, dedicated friend, veteran, was born on November 19th, 1955 and died just before his 65th birthday late October of 2020.

Mark was a vivacious man with a childlike energy and passion for life that many can only aspire to. He dedicated his life to helping his country, bettering his community, enjoying life and the world around him, and caring for his family and friends. He was avid in his pursuit of knowledge, having attended both Modesto Junior College in 1974 for agriculture and then also attending Kansas State University in 1977, as well as delving into history throughout his life and becoming well versed on both United States history and World History. Mark additionally was very proud of his service to his country in both the U.S Military and as his time working as a police officer and then as a Correctional Officer.

For those who knew Mark, he was a pillar among men. He was self assured, stout of heart, and had a strength of character that went unchallenged in the world of today. He led a life full of passion; for his family, for his friends, for his beliefs, for his career, and for enjoying the world while he was in it. His passion for life was reflected in his boisterous, easy laugh, which invited everyone near to join in his mirth. Mark was a well travelled man, and took every opportunity to experience different parts of the world, different cultures, parks, and destinations-making sure to bring home a bottle of rum for himself and souvenirs for the whole family while he was at it. Mark also had an endless supply of care for his loved ones, never forgetting a single birthday, graduation, Christmas card, or special event. His care did not stop at immediate family either; spouses, boyfriends, extended family friends- it didn’t matter: you were getting birthday wishes in every form possible.
Death was not something that Mark feared, and he lived by the creed that, “His time was his time.” In not letting his fear of the end stop him, Mark worked hard for what he wanted from life, setting goals and achieving them with amazing ability. He made the most out of his time here, never let obstacles in life stop him, and corralled his loved ones to do the same.

For those who are survived by him, Mark Anthony Mays will always be an inspiring figure, and we can only hope to take as big of a bite out of this world and to leave half as great of a legacy.

As of now, services will be held on Friday November 13th, at 11am at the Ely City Cemetery at 1900 Compton Street in the Veteran’s area.