Margaretta Clara Carter was born in April of 1940 in Contact, Nevada and passed away in November of 2020 in a nursing home in Aneta, North Dakota.
She is  preceded in death by her three husbands, Ross Bybee, Billy Jo Ross, and Jack Carter and her parents, Tom Sanders Sr. and Clara Sanders. She is survived by her brother Tom Sanders Jr. her brother Harry Sanders, and her sister Ruth. She is also survived by six children and plenty of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
She was always a great grandma and a great mother. She has many friends and family that love and know her, she will surely be missed. She was one of the most wonderful god-loving persons on the planet, if you ever needed anything she was always there to help. She loved the Lord and served him to the best of her abilities. She is now with the Lord and heaven has gained one amazing angel. May the Lord bless her and her entire family.
Grandma’s House
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, @2016
My grandma’s house is a treasure chest
Just like my grandma, it is the best.
You will find many things to explore
When I arrive there is always an open door.
And, lots of things to take apart
From kitchen cupboards to the old wooden cart.
A house filled with warmth, laughter, and love
Our family thinks our Grandma was sent from heaven above.
2 Timothy 1:5: Connections Through Faith
There aren’t many Bible verses that speak specifically to only grandmothers, but 2 Timothy 1:5 is one that does. The verse shares ” a faith that first dwelt in your grandmother,” and continues “I am sure dwells in you as well.” It connects grandchildren and grandparents through faith.