The White Pine County Clerks’ of- fice released election results.
A total of 4,183 registered voters in White Pine voted in this years election. There were 2,095 mail in ballots, 1,444 early voters, and 644 reg- istered voters that voted on Election Day.

White Pine county voted over-whelmingly for Donald Trump by 78 percent, although the incumbent president lost the state of Nevada, the popular vote and, once all elec- tions are certified, the electoral college and the presidency.
Steven Horsford reclaimed his seat as U.S. Representative for District 4.

Pete Goicoechea had a victorious win by receiving 78.5 percent of the vote, State Assemblyman John Ellison won unopposed for the District 33 seat.

In local election results, incumbent White Pine County Commissioner Shane Bybee retained seat 2 on the commission by 76.69 percent of the vote over George Chachas.

Incumbents for Hospital District Trustee Seats 3 Leslie Martin and Wade Robison for Seat 5, did not gain enough votes to retain their seats. Todd Brewster took 62.15 percent of the votes over Martin, and Haley McKay took a slight lead in obtaining 53.80 percent of the votes over Robison.

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