The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Homicide unit held a press conference asking the public’s assistance in locating suspect, Eduardo Clemente in the death of Tiffany Booth.

Booth went missing on October 5, with her boyfriend Clemente. On October 8,  Tiffany’s  car was  located outside of  Ely near Squaw Peak Mountain, by a local resident.  The vehicle was abandoned with the license plates removed.  On October 27, 2020, a body was found near  Indian Springs that was confirmed to be Booth’s after dental records had to be used to confirm that the body was Booth’s.

Booth’s mother, Judy Booth spoke during the press conference pleading for help.  “I am Tiffany booth’s mom, I would like to say Eduardo, I did not understand why you did this to my Tiffany, please please come forward and turn yourself in as my family and your family needs closure.  If anyone has seen him please call the police.”

Lieutenant Ray Spencer with the Homicide Detective Unit explained the details of the case and how Homicide became involved after the Missing Persons unit discovered early on some  unusual electronic and financial activity.  “They felt foul play may be involved.  At that point they contacted me to take the case and at that point homicide took over the case.”

A search warrant was executed at the apartment where Booth and Clemente lived, evidence was found that led them to believe Booth was a victim of homicide.  Spencer, “from there we got information that Tiffany’s vehicle had been found in a remote area. Detectives did a phenomenal job in this investigation and we were able to locate the body with the information we had.”

A murder warrant for Clemente was obtained, but homicide has not been able to locate him.   “We are here today to ask for the public’s assistance so the family can get closure in the case involving their daughter.”  Spencer said.

Spencer, “We do not know where he is but I want to draw special attention to anyone who lives in any remote areas, specifically in northeastern Nevada, near the Ruby Mountains, near Ely, Nevada and also into Idaho, but any other area that could be remote— we believe he is hiding out in the mountain’s.  There is reward money available, you can anonymously contact crime stoppers.”

Clemente is described as a 38 year old, white male, 6’2″ 385 pounds with brown hair and green eyes. Police are asking the public, especially residents in remote areas, to contact the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department at 702-385-5555 if they have any information that might lead to locating him.

Police are searching for Eduardo Clemente, the suspect in the murder of Tiffany Booth