Last year’s  Ely Film Festival was such a success, they have decided to return agin in 2021.  The event will take place virtually March 12-14, 2021.

Anne Kellogg, who brought the idea to White Pine, and is a Ely Film FestivalCommitee member said, “While we would much rather host a film festival in person we are delighted to be able to offer a virtual weekend event that we hope will include feature films, interactive questions and answer panels, and we are thrilled to be offering a short film contest as part of the weekend with categories for all ages.”

The age categories for the short film contest are 12 years and under, 13-17 year olds, 18 and older.
The submissions are unique in that they must contain particular elements outlined in the entry guidelines. One example is a necklace is required as the prop, another is the line “they’re here” has to be utilized in the short film, making it a fun and unique challenge to every participant.
This year they have added a Spanish Language Challenge.  Participants of the short film contest  are encouraged to include dialog in Spanish in their script.
Local native of White Pine, Dutch Marich who has become very successful in the filming industry as a movie producer and director, will be available to host a workshop via video to any school or organization interested.
Winning films will receive prize money, and the films will be shown during the virtual Ely Film Festival.  Official guidelines are available at
The deadline to enter the short film contest is February 15, 2021 and the filmswill be judged by film industry professionals.
For Kellogg it’s a deeper meaning behind the movie making, and she often time speaks of how particularly interesting Ely is for the film industry.  “There are so many great buildings and so many eras of architecture in Ely,—it’s all around us, it’s a terrific location to film.”
For additional information contact: shortfilm@elyfilmfestival.c