Although the Lincoln Day Breakfast has been canceled, the GOP Central Committee has decided to host a meeting on Saturday, Jan. 23. This event is open to the public.

The meeting will be held inside the Prospector Hotel and Casino located at 1501 E. Aultman, at Margarita’s restaurant at noon.

The breakfast, an annual event that has been held in all counties across Nevada for several years, was canceled earlier this month due to CO- VID restrictions. The event would serve as a major fundraiser for the GOP Central Committee while giv- ing residents a chance to meet and greet candidates and elected officials.

Michael McDonald, chair of the Republican Party in Nevada, will be attending with several guests that he has planned to bring with him that day.
Cheryl Noriega, said the committee is also looking to attract new members in White Pine County. “We are involved with a variety of events, we host a table at the county fair, we assist with placing campaign signs and meet regularly.”

The party gives out two $500 scholarships to high school students and is anticipating that again this year.

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