By: KayLynn Roberts-McMurray
A card skimmer was discovered last week at Sagebrush Texaco, located at 1490 E. Aultman St.
The White Pine County Sheriff ’s office received a report on March 30, that one of the pumps at Sagebrush was not working. When the repair person inspected the pump, he discovered the card skimmer.
He informed a sheriff deputy that he had dealt with a similar issue in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.
The White Pine County Sheriff ’s Deputy investigating the matter contacted a detective with the Salt Lake City Police Department, who put the WPCSO in touch with the FBI, which is now assisting with the investigation.
A credit card skimmer obtains an individual’s credit card data and forwards the information to the suspect, who can then make fraudulent purchases, according to law enforcement. When one of these devices is located, tradi- tionally, more devices are found within gas pumps in the area.
It is unknown at this time how long the card skimmer was on the fuel pump or how many indi- viduals had their debit or credit cards compromised.
So, what can you do to help prevent it from happening to you? Look for tampered paneling at the gas pump, inspect the card reader before using it, be wary if your card gets stuck in the chip reader, use a credit card instead of a debit card for fraud protection.
Contactless payment methods have become even more popular when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. You can still go inside and pay if you’re concerned, and keep a close eye on your bank and credit account.
Customers who recently purchased gasoline at this location should check their credit or debit card account to ensure no fraudulent purchases have been made.
The White Pine County Sheriff ’s Office encourages everyone to file a police report if fraudulent charges are discovered, in addition to contacting credit card providers and banking establishments.