Earlier this morning, John Dabritz pleaded Guilty to the First Degree Murder of Nevada Highway Patrol Sergeant Benjamin Jenkins. Dabritz also pleaded guilty to all other charges, including Grand Larceny of a Motor Vehicle Valued at $3,500 or More; Grand Larceny of a Firearm; and Arson in the Third Degree.
White Pine County District Attorney, James Beecher, explains, in exchange for John Dabritz pleas of guilty, the death penalty will no longer be sought. Rather both the State and the Defendant will recommend that the Defendant will be sentenced to life in prison, without the possibility of parole.
“The decision to come to this resolution was made in close consultation with the family of Sergeant Benjamin Jenkins, Beecher noted, “and multiple law enforcement agencies.“
“This resolution was not made with the thought of mercy for the Defendant, but to provide the family with swift and final closure, without protracted appeals or requiring them to relive the horrific incident though trial,” Beecher said.
The sentencing hearing will take place on SeptemNet, 28, 2021.
We will have more on this story in this week’s publication of the Ely Times newspaper.