CARSON CITY, Nev. – Through Aug. 26, the Nevada Department of Transportation is inviting the public to comment on planned transportation projects and improvements as outlined in the Annual Work Program (AWP) and annual update of the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).

The public can comment on the draft list of projects contained in the proposed Annual Work Program and STIP before it is finalized for review and potential approval and/or acceptance by the state transportation board and governing federal agencies.

For more information and to view the list of proposed projects, visit All public comment must be submitted by Aug. 26 to

The fiscally constrained, four-year plan outlines federal and state-funded transportation projects, as well as regionally significant transportation improvements funded through local and/or state dollars in accordance with the Federal Aid Highway Act and Federal Transit Act.  These projects improve the capacity of Nevada’s transportation system, such as increasing lanes, constructing new roads and intersection improvements along with certain road maintenance projects.  It also includes transit, rail, pedestrian walkway and bicycle facility projects.

Using the One Nevada Plan performance-based decision-making process, NDOT develops future transportation projects to best meet the needs and goals of the state, and those using the transportation system. NDOT works closely with metropolitan planning organizations, counties, cities, tribes and other local agencies to develop the comprehensive statewide planning document to provide a transportation system that keeps Nevada safe and connected.