It’s a busy neighborhood, mostly with small children, children who still enjoy riding their bikes out in the street, a little street basketball action every now and then, but recently the lack of motorists slowing down has caused great concern for parents in the Mineral Heights subdivision. Enough concern to advocate for a stop sign.

At a recent commission meeting, White Pine County Commissioners approved a new stop sign to be installed on Bobcat Drive at Opal Drive as you enter the Mineral Heights neighborhood.

Melissa Crump
Logan, Kaylyn and Allison Crump stand with signs by the stop sign hoping to encourage motorists to slow down.

It has reportedly been an issue, as you approach the Mineral Heights neighborhood on Bobcat Drive, there is a blind corner for pedestrians crossing the street.

The speed limit is 15 miles an hour, and the neighborhood is filled with children and adults who are very active in their neighborhood.

While White Pine County Sheriff Scott Henriod explained that he supported the stop sign going in at that location, he also noted that deputies have and continue to patrol that area to deal with the concerns of the residents.

“It is always unfortunate that there are and will always be individuals who ignore traffic control devices, speed limits, and other laws.” Henriod said.

Resident of Mineral Heights Melissa Crump expressed her concerns noting her children and neighboring children cross this road to go to each other’s houses.

“Not only have they been taught to look, but to listen also — but when people are driving too fast, it makes it hard,” Crump said.

But, even the White Pine County Sheriff’s office is feeling the strain of staff shortages happening across the United States, with three open positions and two in training, Henriod noted he’s down five positions until the two in training are on their own.

“With the limited resources we have, the Deputies do their very best to provide coverage for the city and county,” Henriod said.