Baker Ranches hay is shipped across the United States to dairy farms in California, Olympic horses in Florida, Cal-Ranch stores across the Southwest, and to one of the largest events in Nevada, the National Finals Rodeo.

The NFR is undoubtedly one of the largest events in Nevada that takes place in Las Vegas during the first 10 days of December. It’s a premier championship rodeo that showcases the talent of PRCA’s top 15 money-winners in each event as they compete for the world title.

The sport hosts top dollar competition horses, bulls and other livestock that require a lot of food … hay that is. Eighty five to a 100 tons of hay is delivered each year from Baker Ranches.

Hay is baled and prepared to be placed on a semi-truck.

That amounts to about four truckloads, and it is reported that an extra semi equipped with all of the equipment used to unload the hay is transported to Las Vegas as well.

The bales are 100 pound each, or referred to as three-string bales that are delivered.

Baker Ranches today is owned by Tom, Craig and Dave Baker. Tom said, “We begin delivering the hay before Thanksgiving when the livestock start to arrive in Las Vegas in preparation for the NFR event.”

They have delivered hay to the NFR event since 2018.

The Baker Ranch is a family legacy that dates back to when Fred Baker, Tom, Craig and Dave’s grandfather, purchased the Baker Ranch in the early 1950s. Fred’s son Dean Baker helped him run the ranch when he wasn’t in college, and later returned after graduation to help run the ranch and modernize it by improving water and energy efficiency.

Through the years Dean’s family expanded and his sons Tom, Craig and Dave run the daily operations of today’s family business.

The Baker family today operates a modern ranch that produces cattle, alfalfa and grain with water rights that date back to more than a 100 years old. More than a million pounds of beef and several thousand tons of hay are produced each year.

Even the children are involved with helping out at the ranch, which leaves little time for one or two of the family members to attend the NFR event.

Tom said, “It is an interesting project because it is a break from our normal routine.”