CARSON CITY – State transportation contracts approved during today’s Nevada Transportation Board of Directors meeting are projected to support nearly 550 jobs while helping provide a transportation system to keep Nevada safe and connected.

A projected 547 jobs will be supported for one year by the highway contracts and agreements reviewed as part of the Dec. 13 state transportation board meeting.

State transportation improvements reviewed/approved at this month’s state transportation board meeting include:

Replacement of and improvements to highway culverts and drainage systems on U.S. 6/State Route 376 east of Tonopah.

Repave and enhance highway signage and roadside slopes on Interstate 80 between Wells and Moor interchanges.

Repave and install enhanced highway signage and drainage on U.S. 95 from south of State Route 140 to the Nevada/ Oregon state line in Humboldt county.

Reduce erosion/scour underneath a State Route 208 bridge over the West Walker River east of Smith Valley.

The NDOT contracts were thoroughly reviewed against NDOT engineering estimates and include disadvantaged business enterprise participation goals. Construction start dates vary for each project.

Council of Economic Advisers formulas were used to estimate the number of direct, indirect and induced jobs.

It is estimated that every $1 invested in public transportation projects can generate between $2 and $6 in local economic activity.