The Lincoln Day Breakfast was a welcomed return last weekend for many after last year’s cancellation of the event due to COVID restrictions. Not even snow and freezing temps stopped several Republican politicians from making the trip to Ely to celebrate the party’s fundraising event.

It is also a time where candidates such as Dean Heller, Adam Laxalt, Michele Fiore and several other candidates running for an elected seat come to meet locals, and campaign while they are here.

Tables on the sides of the rooms contained a variety of campaign swag, depending on the candidate you were supporting.

Submitted Photo
Adam Laxalt, candidate for U.S. Senate, grabs a photo with the White Pine High School Junior and High School Rodeo group at the Lincoln Day Breakfast.

Several candidates spoke, Mark Amodei, Congressman for the 2nd district in Nevada who is seeking reelection was one of the speakers.

“There’s an old saying from Ben Franklin, well done is better than well said,” said U.S. Congressman Mark Amodei, who is running to retain his seat for the seventh time. “So as we talk about the challenges here in the house with Nancy Pelosi running things and actually voting, it’s not a hard thing for me to do right now. You look at it to see if you’ve missed something, but it’s no and it has been no for a long time.”

Amodei noted to the crowd to continue to keep voting, and to not think the rural counties don’t matter. “You talk about a state that is 85 percent owned by the government, you need someone watching,” he said. “Let’s not forget what we have done well, thank you rural Nevada, in the 2020 election, those 15 counties voted for Donald Trump by a 75,000 vote majority.”

Amdoei also thanked the crowd for the continuous support, noting it has been an honor and a privilege, “for a guy my age. Hey I represent Nevada and I represent Nevada’s original congregational district, no offense to Vegas people,” Amodei said.

Jim Hindle, vice chair for the Nevada Republican Party, was last on the list to speak. He conveyed apologies for Chairman of the committee, Michael McDonald who was unable to attend due to COVID. “He is recovering, but not traveling yet,” Hindle said.

“I want to emphasize what the congressman said. We have a lot of things that we are feeling like we are butting our head against a thick wall continually everyday, because of the sociallist democrat control that is going on in this country. But we have momentum,” Hindle said. “In the last election in 2020, we all think we lost, and we did, I’ll be the first to raise my hand. Maybe we didn’t lose the presidential election in the state or across the country, but in this state we returned more.”

Hindle went on to explain that all Republican state senators and assembly representatives returned to their seats, and seats were added.

“We added seats in the assembly to get us out of the super minority and we added one senate seat, arguably we added two seats for the shenanigans down in Las Vegas,” Hindle said.

The crowd applauded as Hindle continued to speak. “A friend of mine has a bumper sticker in Storey County that says—some government is necessary, all government is predatory, how big do you want your predator to be? That is especially important today given what we are seeing happening today. Government is being weaponized against us, the government is being used against us to control us.”

As Hindle finished his speech, he suggested to the crowd to take a look at the candidate they want to support, study the issues they are passionate about, and get out and support them.

“We must take this state back, we must take this country back,” he said. “Every race is important for Republicans, I’ll leave you with my last thought. How many know the symbols of our parties? We need more elephants and less jacka___s.