CEO and Administrator for Genesis Querubin Iguban along with Angie Petersen, physical therapist for the Ely location, and a team of medical professionals with the company sat down for an interview to set the record straight— Genesis is not closing its doors in Ely.

Across the healthcare field in the United States, and workforce as a whole, every business is dealing with the same issue, staffing shortages. Genesis Home Health Care is dealing with that, and another big issue, being in a rural area.

Iguban explained the Ely location is taking a short pause on accepting new patients while they make efforts to recruit additional staff.

“The recent Director of Services resignation lead to a lot of questions in the community on whether or not Genesis would stay open in Ely,” Iguban said. “Two CNAs also turned in their notice, we had to notify our patients, and I’m not sure where it started, but rumors began circulating that we we’re closing our doors in Ely, which is untrue.”

This isn’t the first time this has happened, Iguban said that when staff have become ill, a short pause is taken, to eliminate patients from becoming sick, or putting them at risk.

“As far as our company, we are not in a bankruptcy situation, we do not have a bad record with Medicare.” Iguban said.

Physical therapist Angie Petersen detailed what services Genesis provides. “We have skilled nursing, physical and speech therapy services, and home health aide,” she said. “ Services are not only provided to seniors in our community but to anyone who is even just short term care after surgery, or any illness.”

It is reported that Genesis opened in 2012 after a situation of a previous company that exited quickly and left the community and people employed in a bad situation.

Petersen said, “It’s a valued service in the community, our service has provided quality care—we all work as a team, by putting the patient and their family’s needs first.”

Genesis Home Health Care has offices in Elko, Ely and Winnemucca but serve areas all across Northeastern Nevada. The company started in 2004 when an urgent need for home health care in Northeastern Nevada was recognized, which grew to now serving half of the State’s geographic area.

Current staff for Genesis is one part time registered nurse, a physical therapist, speech therapist and two certified nursing assistants. Ideal staff Genesis usually has up to 20-25 patients at a time, but currently only has eight active patients until they can get their staffing levels back up to the appropriate amount to serve their patients adequately.

How many staff members are needed?

“Ideal staffing for us would be three nurses full-time, and two nurses that are part-time per diem, plus several CNAs,”Iguban said.

Petersen was going to meet with doctors earlier in the week to inform them that Genesis wasn’t closing. “It’s a good environment, our office has always worked as a team,” Petersen said.

If anyone is interested in applying for employment with Genesis, they are accepting resumes at fax number, 775- 753-7627, or via email at genesishhs@