It seems that with the debut of a new FM Radio Station in Ely, everything old is new again.

On Feb. 5, KELY General Manager Wyatt Cox and engineer Kevin Fitzgerald put 98.5 FM K253CJ. The signal is part of the Federal Communication Commissions AM revitalization program, allowing all stations to have access to an FM signal. The FM signal is limited in coverage to Ely and portions of McGill.

The signal almost didn’t happen, as it was one of many projects on the plate of CEO Fred Weinberg, who died as a result of a stroke on September 23, 2021. Fortunately, the FCC granted an extension, and Cox and Fitzgerald were able to get the station on the air with mere days to spare.

General Manager of KELY and the Nevada Talk Network Wyatt Cox believes it’s important to have the FM signal available, as it puts KELY on the same band as every other radio station in Ely. “Now KELY is more easily accessable to those who listen to Karen Livingston’s fine station KDSS, the Vegas Public Station KWPR, the Mormon repeter from Salt Lake City, and the Pilgrim religious station. Now we’re all on equal footing.”

Wyatt Cox hosts Your Morning, a news and entertainment program weekday mornings from 7 until 9 a.m. along with the nationally syndicated Classic Radio Theater with Wyatt Cox, heard on over 100 stations from coast to coast. A variety of nationally syndicated hosts are also heard on KELY, including former Fox News reporter Todd Starnes, Las Vegas conservative host Wayne Allyn Root, Charley Jones, Ken Matthews, and Derek Hunter. Weekend programming features specialty and self-help programming along with more of Cox’s Classic Radio Theater. The station proudly broadcasts every Vegas Golden Knights game.

All KELY programming is heard across the state over radio stations in Fallon, Fernley, Reno, Hawthorne, the Amargosa Valley, and Pahrump.

In June of 1950, David Hanson and Dale Bradley put Ely’s first Radio Station on the air…1230 AM KELY, from the Hotel Nevada in beautiful downtown Ely. And for 71 years, KELY 1230 AM lived up to it’s reputation as Ely’s News Source.


In 1986, Reed Communications, then owners of KELY, put KCLS 101.7 on the air. The stations were then sold to Elko-based Ruby Radio Corporation, and in 2005 the two stations were split, with KELY going to current owners Ely Radio LLC, with the FM going to College Creek Broadcasting. For a time, the stations were simulcast, putting KELY’s news and talk programming on both 1230 AM and 101.7FM. College Creek Broadcasting, in a two step plan, moved the station first to Pioche, then to Leeds, UT, where the station remains on the air today, owned by Canyon Media as a part of a seven station media group in St. George, UT.