The White Pine County Commission unanimously approved some big incentives last week to attempt to fill deputy positions at the White Pine County Sheriff’s Office.

Scott Henriod, White Pine County Sheriff, went before the White Pine County Commission twice in the past month to seek approval of sign-on bonuses in an effort to recruit deputies. After the first approach before the commission it was determined that the sheriff and commission wanted to solidify the bonus requirements before approval

Two different sign-on bonuses were approved. An up to $5,000 sign on for recruits coming on board, and one more enticing, is a $15,000 sign on bonus for recruits who are already POST certified and in good standing.

Henriod explained to the commission that when it was first looked the cost of new employees moving here was quite expensive.

“They would have the first month’s rent, last month’s rent, and getting people to come here, housing right now is tough,” Henroid said. “Getting this package put together, and saying, hey were trying to attract you and help you with your expenses.”

Henriod also noted that but in doing that he wants people to commit to five years, “and if you can’t commit for five years, then I don’t really want you working for us because you’re using White Pine County as a stepping stone,” Henriod said.

Chairman of the Commission Richard Howe agreed, saying that made all the sense in the world to him. “I think it’s a good start to get people in here to work.

Commissioner Laurie Carson agreed. “For me there’s so much competition out here, that I feel this is so much more appropriate.”

Carson asked Henriod how many staff he was short of, and Henriod noted he was down three staff in the jail, three in patrol and one dispatch.

“Seven people, that’s huge,” Carson said.

Howe questioned if they could recruit from the Ely State Prison. Commissioner Ian Bullis noted, saying, “Prison staff have been applying-there are five that I know of, because it’s bad out there.”

The question came up from Commissioner Shane Bybee on what the cost is for new employees to be POST certified, and Henriod explained that by the time a new employee goes through training locally and POST training, the cost is in the $25,000-30,000 range.