The Nevada Department of Corrections, together with the Nevada Division of Forestry, reinstated conservation camp operations at Ely State Prison on Tuesday, March 1, for wildland firefighting and natural resource project work.

The facility, located in a unit just outside the main institutional grounds, is a temporary replacement for the Ely Conservation Camp, which closed in July 2020 due to critical NDOC staff shortages.

“The first 22 inmates mustered with NDF this morning to start nationally certified wildland fire training and to receive their crew assignments,” said NDOC Warden William Reubart. “The partnership between our state agencies made this move possible just in time for the upcoming fire season.”

In total, 32 inmate workers were transferred from other minimum-security facilities around Nevada to support these operations. More inmates will be assigned to the facility when more staff are available from NDOC and NDF.

NDOC and NDF. “Re-opening this part of our joint operation in Ely is a crucial step forward for Nevada’s communities, economy and the wildlands we love. I thank our partners at NDOC for collaborating with us to provide vocational training for inmates that prepares them for conservation jobs while reducing recidivism,” said Kacey KC, NDF’s State Forester Firewarden. “Wildfires remain a constant, year-round threat to Nevada, and having a skilled labor force supporting efforts to create healthy, fire-resilient landscapes across the state is more important than ever.”

Both NDOC and NDF are currently recruiting for full-time careers in Ely and around the state to support the critical mission of reducing wildfire risk in Nevada.

This work helps conserve habitat and ecosystems while providing inmate workers with much-needed certifications and skill sets as they transition back into society.

To review available job opportunities with both NDOC and DNF, visit