Volunteers and White Pine Corral Association members this past weekend helped with preparing the arena for new fence panels.

A new arena was taking shape last weekend at Ely’s City Corrals. The White Pine Corral Association has been in high gear since late 2019 when the city approved a 20-year lease to the association to take over the city corrals.

The cost of the arena was estimated at $15,000. Grants from the White Pine County Tourism and Recreation Board, Mt. Wheeler Power, totaling to almost over $11,000, were awarded to the White Pine Corral Association last year. Along with a generous donation from Reed Inc. it left the association with a small balance to finish funding the project.

Volunteers, friends and family from the White Pine Corral Association and the horse community showed up last Saturday to help out.

Corral Boss Kent Lynskey has worked tirelessly to remove panels, and preparation for installation of new panels and a new addition to the arena—a steer chute.

This chute can be operated manually or with a remote that will allow a person to practice with someone or solo, and will draw events such as Team Roping and Breakaway events to the arena.

Last year, the White Pine Corral Association held its first ever Gymkhana Series, and will plan on more events as soon as they are able to set their event schedule.

Vast improvements have been highly noticeable in the community. The arena has been packed on warm days with rodeo club youth practicing around the barrels, poles, in addition to association members taking in some riding time on warm days.

The association currently has a wait list to lease a corral space at the site. Treasurer Terri Carrigan said, “We have two families on the waitlist.”

Lynskey keeps the site well maintained. Lynskey purchased his own tractor to ensure things would be maintained with waste removal, weed control and maintenance of the corral site.

“Kent has been putting out the day to day work, I genuinely don’t think we could have done it without him,” Carrigan said.