The last day to file drew quite a list of candidates, while some will move on and hold a seat without any challenges in the primary or general election.

Several Ely City Council seats were open, and while Seats 1 and 5 don’t have an election to contend with, Seat 3 drew several candidates, two of them being former city council members. Jolene Gardner and Bruce Setterstrom filed for this seat, and Samantha Elliott, former director for the Boys & Girls Club of Truckee Meadows noted in a social media post she decided to take the plunge.

Terrill Trask will take over Seat 1 on Jan. 1, while Jerri Lynn Williams will retain Seat 5 on the Ely City Council.

The County Assessor and Clerk Seats will remain status quo, with Burton Hilton holding his seat as Assessor and Catherine Bakaric as the Treasurer

While Republican Ian Bullis filed last week to seek another four-year term for County Commission Seat 1, six other candidates filed for this seat. Bullis will face Hank Vogler and Jim Allred in the primary, with Paula Carson and Scott Romsos filing as no party preference, George Chachas, Democrat and Dana Sandoval as an Independent American Party.

Travis Godon, who held County Commission Seat 5, has decided not to re-file, leading to four candidate filings for this particular seat. Elizabeth Frances (no party preference), Mary Kerner (Independent American Party) and two Republicans, Janet VanCamp and Caleb Scott will face off in the primary.

White Pine County Sheriff Scott Henriod and White Pine County District Atttorney James Beecher will retain the seats they currently hold, in addition to White Pine County Clerk Nichole Baldwin.

Other county seats that were filed for are listed below:

  • White Pine Hospital District Board of Trustees Seat 2
    Cozette Eldridge
    Michael Wheable (incumbent)
  • White Pine School District Board of Trustees Seat 4
    Crystal Caviglia
    Tyler Robertson
    Seat 1 will be retained by Bodie Golla, and Seat 3 by Todd Wilkin
  • School District Board of Trustees District A
    Lindsey Costello
  • School District Board of Trustees, Seat B
    Terri Borghoff (incumbent)
    Amy Fullmer