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Jess Trask is pictured here with some of Perigo’s cattle during feed time.

Perigo Hay & Cattle was recently featured in Nevada’s Small Business Spotlight after a nomination from Caroline McIntosh and selection by Gov. Steve Sisolak.

A family-owned ranch and farm in White Pine produces highquality products from alfalfa hay to certified beef.

Jess Trask, daughter of Rick and Kim Perigo, started working for her family’s ranch in Lund in 2015. Her parents were hay farmers by trade, and after the market crashed in 2009, they bought their first cattle. “We started with 25 in 2009, and we run about 400 now,” Rick said. “We have been learning as we go, we got all these ideas and are taking it and going to a whole new level.”

New to the industry, Jess found her passion in raising cattle. She is even working on getting her master’s degree through the University of Nebraska online in Cattle Nutrition.

“We take great pride and care in the work we do and believe in quality from the ground up,” Jess said.

By 2019, Trask wanted to connect people to where their food comes from and began utilizing social media to show her daily activites and share knowledge.

In 2020, she started selling beef from their ranch directly to consumers. She cares tremendously about the animals she raises and is even BeefCARE Certified–a sustainability standard that pillars on animal husbandry, environmental stewardship, and community involvement.

Every year the crew at Perigo Hay & Cattle discover new ways to be more sustainable, whether it be to install green energy, or use manure from their own cattle to utilize as fertilizer on their crop land.

Perigo also ships its beef products across the nation using recycled material. You may even catch Jess delivering beef locally here in White Pine County each Wednesday to customers’ front doors.

Being a young, female rancher is something Trask doesn’t take lightly. She has become an advocate for all young women to follow their passion in life, whatever that may look like.

Part of the calves the Perigos raise are sold to Walmart under their high quality “McClaren Farms” label, only found at Walmarts in the southeastern United States, for now.

In 2021, Trask was featured in their commercial showing real ranchers who raise their beef. In 2022, Jess was invited to attend Walmart’s Year Beginning Meeting in Houston, Texas to discuss with executives and store managers what ranching in the 21st century looks like and tell her story.

Trask works tirelessly to continue to make improvements to their ranch and grow their brand. Last week the company announced that they will be opening a Perigo Corner Market in 2023 that will feature Perigo’s Beef, signature sandwiches in addition to some produce and dairy products.

“I think as any parent, all you are really trying to do is raise a kid that can solve a problem, she takes a bull by the horns.” Rick said, “she took over the cattle side and keeps moving forward.”

If you would like more information about check out their Facebook Page: Perigo Hay & Cattle.