The Ely City Council meeting last week contained several agenda items, where some appeared to be the usual agenda items, and other items, had a considerable amount of questions, and conflict.

Councilman Jim Alworth had several questions regarding the trash at the landfill. When it came to city reports, Alworth asked what the plan was to have the trash gathered up north of the landfill. City Attorney Leo Cahoon suggested to Alworth that giving a report and going back and forth with questions is not recommended due to the Open Meeting Law.

Alworth said, “I can’t ask questions”?

Cahoon said, “I think exchanging information is OK, but when you get into deliberating, that’s where things can get questionable.”

Alworth commented that the agenda would be getting longer if that was the case.

Councilman Kurt Carson placed an agenda item requesting the fees be waived for commercial businesses to deposit metal at the City Landfill from May 15 through 31 to encourage commercial property owners to clean up their property. This item was approved unanimously.

The council also approved several other items that included waiving a past due utility fee penalty in the amount of $6,671.79, for Donald and Sandra Garrett, and the approval of joint development and beneficial code agreement between the City of Ely, and Cody Bliss, Cody Coombs and Ben Noyes for the 18.83 acre Georgetown Ranch section.

When it came to the last agenda item from Human Resources Director Janette Trask to discuss possible action to approve the Budget Committees recommendation of Community Service Fund expenditures to include, modify or exclude, there was a short list of organizations that were requesting funds.

White Pine County Search and Rescue, which had a request for $45,100, White Pine Horse Race Committee requested for $25,000, andthe Ely Tree Board Landfill Planting Project’s request for $4,602.37.

Trask explained to the council that the budget committee met, reviewed the requests to bring before the council.

Alworth asked why Mark VanTassell, the contact person who sent the letter in for the White Pine County Search and Rescue Teams request, wasn’t at the meeting

“It really upsets me that you make a request for money and not show up. So I’ll ask my questions to the Sheriff,” Alworth said.

White Pine County Sheriff Scott Henriod stood before the council while Alworth asked a list of questions, whether the applicant received any other funding, how this request would benefit the community.

Henriod said the Search and Rescue Team’s goal is to obtain a UTV with the capability of a backboard to transport those who are injured.

“This money is for the City of Ely, even though the name has been changed to Community Service Fund.” Alworth said. “Did the group request funding from the county commission?”

Henriod answered that he asked the commission to increase his budget, but not for this particular agenda item.

After much discussion Alworth made both motions to approve funding for the White Pine Horse Race Committee, and the Ely Tree Board. Both were approved unanimously.

The funding request made by the White Pine Search and Rescue Team, died due to a lack of motion.