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The Ely KOA offers a covered wagon as tourist accommodations.

The glamping movement is growing enough to make its way to Ely. The way we travel has changed. We no longer want a one-size-fits-all vacation, we want to witness nature, live in it, and immerse ourselves in local culture.

The KOA is bringing a taste of history with a stay in their handcrafted authentic wagons. Where stunning nature meets modern luxury. The Conestoga Covered wagons come complete with modern comforts like a plush king size bed, heating and air conditioning, full power and bunk beds.

The fully functioning wagon wheels make you feel like you’ve stepped off the Oregon Trail.

The Ely KOA website noted that they have listed the price for the glamping experience lower than hotels locally, and mention that they are in line with other lodging options.

A night in the wagon could cost as much as $128.99 a night, plus tax, or as much as $145.99 a night plus tax during the Fourth of July. Price fluctuation will occur due to seasonal demand.

Booking is easy at, and sites are already selling out fast.

Several comments on social media have already drawn much attention to the glamping experience.

Janet Criner said, “I am sure this is going to be successful, Ely needed more old west type attractions.”

Others were interested in booking an adventure such as Jennifer Morreale who said, “A train ride, then staying there would be so fun.”

The KOA is located 3 miles south of Ely on Highway 93, 50 & 6, also known as Great Basin Boulevard. They also provide RV sites, camping in a tent, cabins and even a Teepee.