Ely, visitors can now enjoy a richer experience as they stroll the 28-stop Art Walk path. The town has added a new brochure and audio tour. The two pieces provide context for all of the murals and the past that they represent.

“Ely is proud of its cultural heritage and its contributions to the American story,” said Kyle Horvath, White Pine County tourism director. “It shows, in full color, through its public art”


There is a phone number to call at each stop or visitors can click here to follow along on the website.

Click here to view the brochure or pick one up at the Ely visitor’s center.


The Ely art walk has a few new stops, as well. They include a series of new murals from Las Vegas artist, Jamie Vincek. There are also new paintings from artists David Ozuna and Erik Burke. Each one highlights another chapter of the region’s rich history. Here’s a look at some of these murals:

Wildlife on Success Summit (Vincek): This cool, 3D interactive mural wraps around the building and portrays a sunrise on success summit.

Great Basin National Park (Vincek): Painted in the Tromp L’oeil style to create an optical illusion, this stunning mural invites viewers to peek through the wall for a hidden glimpse inside the beauty and grandeur of the park.

Locomotive 40 (Vincek): Ely is one of the few places where visitors can see, ride and even drive a working steam locomotive, thanks to the Nevada Northern Railway Museum. This mural pays tribute the Locomotive #40, known as the “Ghost Train of Old Ely.” A fitting name not only because she operates like a ghost from the past in a modern world, but because she has a legend behind her that is unlike any other locomotive.